A Word From Our Director

Dear Friend,

Welcome to BCRC! I’m so glad you’re here and exploring the many opportunities our agency can provide for you, your loved one, or even your business. 

My name is Paulette Miller, and I’ve served here as Executive Director for almost 30 years. While I’ve watched our agency grow and evolve during this time, our mission has always remained the same- to provide individuals with the opportunity for growth and independence while respecting their dignity and uniqueness.

From community participation to supported employment, and from in-home and community based supports to psychiatric rehabilitation, BCRC offers a wide variety of services and supports to those who walk through our doors. Regardless of which you might choose, however, I hope you feel a part of something. A part of:

YOUR FUTURE. When you’re here, know that your interests are our guiding priority. Your hopes and goals determine the path you take in defining your future.

YOUR SUPPORTS. BCRC offers a wide variety of programs and services to choose from. We’re committed to helping you choose the services that will move you toward your goals.

THE WORKFORCE. Our supported employment services can help guide you towards employment in the field of your choosing.

YOUR COMMUNITY. At BCRC, we value and promote participation in our community. We can help you develop the skills you desire to become an active and contributing member of your community.

YOUR RECOVERY. We know recovery is a deeply personal matter.  BCRC provides highly trained staff who specialize in recovery and will support your efforts throughout the recovery process.

I look forward to meeting you one day if I haven’t already- please stop by. As I always tell my staff and those we serve, “My door is always open”.


Wishing you all the best,

Paulette Miller