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Mental Health Transformation

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Work is everybody's Business

Employment Transformation Services help people with mental illness find competitive jobs that are based on their choice and ability.
Employment Transformation Services view every consumer as being capable of getting a job.
Employment is not based on an assessment of work readiness.
Employment Transformation adheres to Fidelity Measures for quality insurance.
Employment is integrated with recovery plans. Employment is coordinated with treatment team. i.e. Therapists, staff, psychiatrists.
The job search starts as soon as a person enters the program.
Support services are one-to-one, discreet and away from the job site.
Follow-along supports are available as long as the consumer wants assistance.
If you have a Case manager, OVR Counselor, receive services from Career Link , Outpatient Therapist , School Counselor or Day Partial ask for a referral to Employment Transformation.

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MH Transformation Services

  • Work With Certified Peer Specialists
  • Registration with community resources e.g. Career Link
  • Job application completion
  • Resume writing/Cover Letters
  • Interview preparation
  • Assist with referrals to agencies e.g. Professional Outfitters, AHEDD
  • Assistance provided for benefits counseling
  • Mobility Training
  • Tutoring for Driver’s Education
  • Case Management if necessary
  • Follow Along Services


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