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The Process

  • Referral – an individual is referred to Supported Employment by a funding agency
  • Initial interview – individual provides personal information and preferences for employment – case managementand coordination of services begins
  • Vocational Development – individual participates in resume writing, mock interviews, job sampling and job searching
  • Job Development – staff assists individual in coordinating interviews, mobility training, and orientation
  • Job Training – individual receives one-on-one instruction
  • Maintenance – staff develops natural supports within the workplace for individual
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Tutoring, Community Assessments

  • Preparation for the Pennsylvania State Driver's Permit exam
  • Training for GED exams, using the PLATO Web learning Network
  • Instruction for various other exams, including state boards and licensing tests
Community Assessments
  • Affords vocational exploration in real work environments
  • Gives hands-on exposure to various job possibilities
  • Allows observation of established work skills
  • Provides extensive information for job matching

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Skills Training

  • Allows for the development of appropriate work skills and habits in a carefully-structured enclave
  • Acclimates individual to the demands of work including interaction with co-workers, direction from supervisors, transportation arrangements, money management, and time management
  • Operates using the Enclave Model
An enclave is defined as a small group of people with disabilities, usually five to eight, that is trained and supervised among co-workers who are not disabled at the company’s worksite. Initial training, supervision and support are provided by a specially trained supervisor who works for the placement agency.
-U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment

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Case Management

  • Coordination of services
  • Communication with employer
  • Report to funding agency
  • Development of natural supports
  • Support for changing environments
  • Assistance with conflict resolution & crisis management
  • Communication with family
  • Money management
  • Benefits counseling
  • Development of decision making abilities
  • Development of self advocacy skills


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Fallow Along Services

  • Coordination of services
  • Communication with employer
  • Ongoing documentation
  • Benefits counseling
  • Assistance with conflict resolution
  • Crisis management
  • Development of self advocacy
  • Communication with family
  • Money management
  • Maintenance of natural supports
  • Reinforcement of decision making abilities
  • Support for changing environments


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