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The Competitive Edge


School to Work Program

What does the School to Work Program offer?

· Work in a group setting
· Earn money while you learn
· Develop positive work habits
· Explore strengths and interests
· Participate in community tours and assessments
· Experience community work sites
· Receive instructional classes on resumes, job applications, job searching, and interviewing
The 411
Students participating in this program attend the BCRC work center where they’re in a group setting with a ratio up to 1:15. Here they learn work habits and skills while learning how to perform both paid and simulated jobs. They also participate in community tours and assessments a few times each semester. Students can progress to working at one of BCRC’s enclaves or worksites.
Please Contact:
Maureen Hawk
Coordinator of Youth Services
Chelsea Benedict
Theresa Nichol
Susan Smith
Program Specialists
BCRC, Inc. 1517 Sixth Avenue New Brighton, PA 15066-2219 Phone: (724) 847-1306 ~ Fax: (724) 847-1126