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So Many Tours, So Little Time
Spring 2012
Throughout the progression of the school year our students have had opportunities to visit and tour a variety of work-places out in the community, each one more exhilarating than the next! Our first stop took us to Home Depot where the students not only learned about the different departments in the store, but also partook in some seriously exciting hands-on activities. Yes, there were activities such as mixing paint and painting patterns, testing laser pointers and removing mice from air ducts (have no fear, they were only stuffed animals), and of course finishing strong with cash register competitions where scanning and bagging were the main events. The students did not leave without some new learning experiences under their belts, smiles on their faces and a few gifts the store manager so kindly shared.
Next on our list was Hank’s Frozen Custard, which was a sweet treat for all! Not only did the students learn how some of the food was made, but they also rolled up their sleeves, dug down deep and churned the soft, delicious custard spilling from the vats. Their hard work soon paid off as they later sat and enjoyed a cup of their favorite custard flavor. After devouring the creamy goodness that sat so briefly in their cups, it was time to explore options for dispensing all that pent up energy. How handy that the YMCA was right down the road! While it may have been beneficial to meander on over a few hours later, the students had to hold in their energy and excitement for the following day. Walking from room to room we saw every activity available from pumping iron to shooting hoops, senior classes in the pool to toddlers crawling in the playroom. The fatigue from walking and watching everyone else exercise was evident on our students’ faces, but they certainly learned a lot about how to stay active and keep healthy.
As our travels continued, the students were able to take a first-hand look at how the work they completed in the workshop was used by different companies. Our journeys took us to places such as Modern Glass Inc., where the students witnessed glass being molded and shaped into different mugs and drink holders. But how were those mugs packaged you might ask? Well our students would certainly be able to show you because the packaging boxes they created held those mugs so snuggly, it’s no wonder they’re the experts! But the tours didn’t stop there. Minuteman Press, The Beaver Cemetery, C3 Control, oh my! The students saw their work in action and also got a peek into what it takes to work at businesses such as these. So as the school year comes to a close, our students may be tired and ready for summer, but they will be able to look proudly at their work and say, “I made a difference.”


STW Celebrates the Completion of the 2011-2012 School Year

     May 2012

The School to Work program celebrated the year end by showing off their bowling skills at Baden Bowl.
The day began with strikes and spares of all varieties, along with much celebration. The cosmic bowling section of the bowling alley was filled with music, laughter


, and a lot of smiling faces. The clients certainly enjoyed their moments out on the hardwood. As everyone’s game came to a close, the students cooled down and filled up with a snack before moving on to the presentation of certificates.
Each student’s name was called, coupled with the applause of all their peers. The Program Specialists presented each student with a Certificate of Completion for the 2011-2012 School to Work program. Pictures were taken with each client and their Program Specialist. As the festivities were winding down, the clients had the option to socialize with friends or play a spirited game of BINGO.
Some of the students even hopped back out onto the hardwood to show off some of their dance moves. There was visible joy on the faces of the staff and students, and a sense of accomplishment for another year well done.



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