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Community Integration Program

What does the Community Integration Program offer?

· Work in a small group setting or 1 on 1

· Earn money in a supervised setting

· Explore all aspects of transition to adult life

· Participate in a Vocational Evaluation

· Connect with adult social services

· Learn about public transportation

· Receive driver’s training

· Experience classes on work habits, communication, social skills, and building independence

· Access Psychiatric Rehabilitation services

· Participate in community tours, assessments, and job shadowing experiences

The 411

Students participating in this program are not in the work center but in a separate group with a ratio up to 1:6. At times, students also work in a 1:1 setting. Their day consists of community exploration, assessments, tours, and visits to help them connect with adult services in the community. It also includes paid work assignments both on site and at community enclaves. There is also instruction in work habits, communication skills, interpersonal relationships, work etiquette, and other life-skill areas. Students typically participate in a vocational evaluation as part of this program. Some students are also referred for our Psychiatric Rehabilitation program which employs the Boston University model of choosing, getting, and keeping to maintain mental health and to be an integral part of the community. Tutoring in driver’s training in order to help a student pass their permit test can also be incorporated at this level.

Please Contact:
Maureen Hawk
Coordinator of Youth Services
Chelsea Benedict
Theresa Nichol
Susan Smith
Program Specialists
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