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Aurora Psychiatric Rehabilitation focuses on recovery and rehabilitation. Aurora assists individuals with psychiatric disabilities to increase their success and satisfaction in roles and environments of their choice. The Boston University Model helps people choose, get, and keep the roles that are important to them in living, learning, working and socializing environments.




Each staff member is certified for Psychiatric Rehabilitation. The program is fully licensed by the state and presently serves 70 people. Three groups run daily and mobile psychiatric rehabilitation is offered individually. Group topics revolve around Connecting & Engaging, Illness/Wellness, Readiness,
Choosing, Getting, and Keeping goals. Aurora, a division of BCRC, was researched and developed through the use of reinvestment dollars. At present, it relies on Value Behavioral Health billing as its major source of income. Individual Rehabilitation Plans are written quarterly and consumers self-evaluate each group session. Through participation, some consumers are living in different locations than where they started, others are working, going back to school and enjoying their families and communities more. We receive referrals from the Department of Public Welfare (MPP), the Base Service Unit, Day Partial, private psychiatrists and word of mouth. The eligible are those with serious mental illness and insured by Value Behavioral Health.

Aurora Rehabilitation Center
363 Third Street Beaver, PA 15009
Phone:(724) 775-2298 - Fax:(724) 774-7603

   Marianne LaSalle
    Program Director

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