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Aurora services for Deaf


    Deaf Receive Crucial Services at Aurora
By Frank Shialabba
Persons who are Deaf and recovering from mental illness often experience depression, anxiety and feelings of isolation. Unfair treatment and lack of accommodations also negatively impact the lives of these individuals.
The staff at Aurora Rehabilitation recognize that the added burden of mental illness can be devastating for someone who has been isolated by their Deafness. Where does a Beaver County citizen who is experiencing these problems go for help? Until recently the answer was Pittsburgh. Thanks to the efforts of Beaver County Behavioral Health, in cooperation with BCRC Aurora Rehabilitation Services, the answer to that question is now Beaver County.
Dr. Kim Mathos provides psychiatric services and consultation out of the Aurora offices for persons who are deaf and recovering from mental illness. Dr. Mathos also serves the Pittsburgh area through her work at the Center for Hearing and Deaf Services and the Behavioral Health Task Force for persons who are Deaf, Deaf-Blind and Hard of Hearing of Allegheny County.
According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, Dr. Kim Mathos is “one of only a handful of medical doctors in the state [of PA] who specialize in the emotional effects of hearing loss.” Dr. Mathos feels that support systems need to be in place for people who are trying to cope with life in a hearing world.
In addition to Dr. Mathos, Ms. Ashley Greenawalt has been hired as a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Deaf Specialist. Ms. Greenawalt graduated from Kent State University with a degree in American Sign Language. Ms. Greenawalt has many years of experience in interpreting and communicating through sign language. She will conduct an educational group in sign language dealing with topics such as work, social life, various forms of mental illness, stress reduction, anger management, connecting and engaging, etc..
Ms Greenawalt will provide psych rehab services in individual and group settings. She will also interpret Peer Support Services.
Dr. Mathos and Ms. Greenawalt are an invaluable part of the Aurora team that provides an ever-increasing array of services to persons who are recovering from mental illness. For more information call Aurora at 724-775-2298 or visit




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